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Below are just few reviews from our customers

“I was so happy to have Chris and his crew work on my kitchen. Beautiful work! Plus, Chris has superb communication skills and quick to respond. They made extra effort to accommodate our needs and last minute changes. For instance, after they installed kitchen backsplash tiles, I noticed a small hole on a tile made for an old telephone line that we don't use. I forgot to tell them it's no longer needed. It looked ugly and I wasn't sure what to do. Chris listened to me and they immediately closed the hole and replaced the tile they just installed. Having these little things one after another can be stressful. But with Chris, it was so easy. I'm very happy to recommend him to anyone.”

Aug. 2013. Hana S., Santa Clara, CA

“I had Chris and his crew work on remodeling my kitchen. They were fantastic. Chris's guys Hans and Paul were awesome. They showed up on time every day and worked very hard on getting my kitchen completed. Chris was a great PM to work with and helped pushed things along. They did some extra work that was needed and did a great job. I would use them over and over again with my future projects. ”

Sep. 2013. Brian F., Redwood City, CA

“Chris and his team installed a new kitchen in my 55 year old ranch style house. They were on time, worked all day, and also cleaned up the job site every day. I was kept up-to-date on the kitchen progress. I was consulted by Chris and the team when a homeowner decision was needed. Their attention to detail was superb. The kitchen looks beautiful and the cabinet doors/drawers close as designed with a touch of a finger. I would hire them again.”

Oct. 2013. Chery S., Saratoga, CA

“Chris and the crew did a fabulous job remodeling two bathrooms and a kitchen in our home. Their work was solid and consistent. They were very respectful of our house and yard and kept things neat. The pricing was right, and when we needed to add a few extra things way beyond the scope they were reasonable and flexible about it.”

Oct. 2013. Amie H., Mountain View, CA

“Chris and his crew did a fantastic job installing our "dream" kitchen in our home. I could tell we had the right guy for the job from the beginning. At the outset, Chris made sure the cabinetry we ultimately ordered was sized and configured correctly for our kitchen dimensions. When the cabinets were delivered by the manufacturer, he came out to our house to personally inspect the boxed cabinets in our garage well before the actual install date, to ensure everything had been delivered and no damage present. It took about 4 to 5 days to complete the work. One thing I really liked about working with Chris was his willingness to communicate with us every step of the way, whether by phone or email. I call that listening to his customer. Because a kitchen is a very personal thing, he went all out to make sure all of us were "in sync" with joint decisions made throughout the process. All installation issues were immediately brought to our attention resulting in sensible decisions - no surprises. A testament to his excellent communication skills. Because Chris is super organized, he made sure all things that we were responsible for, were completed by us in advance or at agreed upon times during installation. This made for a smooth and efficient installation process with no unnecessary delays. He and his crew had expert knowledge in building codes and explained how and why his team handled different installation issues along the way. Chris and his team always showed up when they said they would. They were all very professional, personable, and always maintained a neat and orderly work space (to the extent possible) during the work in progress. What we ultimately wanted in a contractor was a guy who was skilled, honest, logical, willing to communicate with us, and exceptionally organized. We got that (and more) from Chris and his team.The end result is a gorgeous kitchen that has loads of wow factor, that will provide us years of pride and satisfaction. The installation was meticulous and reflected care and craftsmanship by his team. We're very happy with Chris's overall work, but most importantly the kitchen itself. Which explains why we're giving Chris and his crew the highest rating possible. Thanks for giving us the kitchen we've dreamed about for years. You guys rock!”

Dec. 2013. Phil C., Fremont, CA

“We met Chris and his crew last year for our first remodeling project (kitchen).Before that, we've never hired the contractor since my husband is a pretty good handy man. However, we decided to hire a professional for this project because of complexity of the project. We're glad we did. Also, we're glad we could work with Chris and his crew. They're very knowleadgeable and experienced. In addition, their work ethic is very good. At design stage, Chris pointed out a dishwasher in our original design need to be re-located because of safety reason. Home Depot design person didn't realize it nor did we. Since he insisted so hard, we followed his suggestion and changed the design. But it was not reflected into his crew's design sheet right away. As a result, they installed a dishwasher in the original place. We thought it's OK to keep that way since that's the original plan. However, as soon as Chris found out, he convinced his crew to re-do. I felt sorry for them because it's not their fault. After I started using the kitchen, I truly understand why he insisted so hard. I'm grateful that he didn't compromise at that point. This is just one example how good he is. Besides the outstanding knowledge/experiences, his crew were always punctual and didn't waste any time. For example, they found out that the screws came with cabinet knobs I ordered from online store were not long enough to hold onto the Kraftmaid cabinet. Then, one crew just left and came back in half hour with several packs of long screws so that they can complete installation w/o any delays. Now we have bathroom remodeling projects and we'll definitely contact Chris again.”

Feb. 2014. E G., Hayward, CA

“Chris and his crew just finished remodeling our three bathrooms. I cannot say enough good words about the work they have done. They are professional in the highest sense of the word, in all and every aspect of their work. Every suggestion they made was worth listening to and implementing. The perfection of their work is beyond any expectations, their work ethics is superb, they are always on time and deliver as promised, and they work extremely neatly, even when the dirtiest work is involved. We enjoy our new bathrooms every moment we use them, and we get a lot of compliments on the new looks. We are fortunate to have had worked With Chris and his crew, and we are sure everybody else would be as happy with them as we are. ”

Mar. 2014. Kira F., Mountain View, CA

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